[Additional Festival Program]

[Additional Festival Program]


At last year’s Bear Stone Festival Year Zero Edition, SVIRAJ!JAM managed to wow the crowd while becoming one with the soothing feel of the Mrežnica river. We’re bringing them back for seconds to do what they do best – fill out the festival area with uniquely improvised music to ensure phenomenal vibrations while you’re sunbathing on the riverbank.

SVIRAJ!JAM is a group of renowned professional musicians of the Zagreb music scene that first started off in 2019 as a weekend getaway but turned into much more than that. In case you haven’t experienced them live last year, their concept is very straightforward: twelve incredible musicians switch around between their instruments with four to six of them performing at the Jam Stage at any moment. Their music is improvised on the spot and inspired by their interactions and the ambiance.

Team is fronted by Erol Zejnilović (ABOP, Elemental, Kries, marisol), Sara Ercegović (ŽEN) and Luka Čapeta (Mary May, pastele, Krv u stolici, Duetto Chapetlewsky).


Duo Loco is a team of two vinyl enthusiasts who use their extensive vinyl collections to take their crowd on an unforgettable Space Rock journey.

One of these underground aces spends his free time performing in several punk bands, while the other one is an Acid House DJ with a keen ear for everything distortion-related. Combine them and you get a first-class ticket for a trip on the Starship Enterprise!


Babilonska is a seasoned Zagreb-based DJ with a 9 year career behind her. She also had her Bear Stone Festival debut at the Year Zero Edition, where she displayed a wide array of Experimental Electronic (sub)genres.

This year she’ll be digging deep into her inspirations that include Jazz, Hip Hop and riff-oriented music to bring us a special Space Rock-styled set. Her performance will be accompanied by psychedelic projections courtesy of Sector 7G.