Cojones are a band that firmly stands behind its name. A quartet woven in massive energy, low tunings, high volume and guitar explosions. They were formed in 2006 and they have been bravely walking the regional and European rock n roll roads ever since. With various influences in (sub)genres that draw from colorful sources they are decorated with an excellent rhythm section, two guitars in cohesion, impressive vocal parts and infectious songs. 

If you love the attitude of Monster Magnet, melody-infested choruses reminiscent of Soundgarden, including contemporaries like Witchcraft, the psych-prog aesthetics of Motorpsycho, Colour Haze and Hypnos 69, combined with a heavy dose of The Melvins and thundering low-end of Kyuss, then Cojones are all you’ll ever need. With several releases including their last long-playing effort Resonate (2016), Cojones are coming out of a five-year hibernation for their premiere performance at the Bear Stone Festival!