[Introducing] Festival Lockers & Transportation Reminder

[Introducing] Festival Lockers & Transportation Reminder


At this year’s Bear Stone Festival, our merch stand will be equipped with festival lockers for the convenience and security of our visitors. These lockers will offer a safe space for storing personal belongings while enjoying the festival to the fullest.

Festival lockers provide a worry-free experience, allowing visitors to store their valuables, bags, and other items securely. With the lockers readily accessible throughout the event, attendees can dance, mingle, and immerse themselves in the music without the burden of carrying belongings.

Whether it’s a backpack, jacket, or other personal items, the lockers offer a convenient solution for keeping belongings safe and easily retrievable throughout the festival. Dimensions of each locker are 48cm(l) x 40cm(w) x 16cm(h). Price for renting a locker for the duration of the festival is 16€ with unlimited access.

Due to the limited number of lockers, we suggest that you reserve yours in advance by contacting us at info@bearstonefestival.com



In order to make Bear Stone Festival more accessible to our visitors that plan to travel to the festival by using public transport, we have partnered up with our local transportation provider Autopromet Slunj to create our very own bus line.

Bear Stone Festival bus line will drive from Slunj to Bear Stone Festival and back several times a day starting on Thursday, July 06 and finishing up on Sunday, July 09.

We’ll give you more details regarding the bus line timetable as we get closer to the festival.